Hands & Feet

 HANDS & FEET                                        KShs

Manicure 35mins 1000
Pedicure 35mins 1,300
Vinylux Mani   1,500
Vinylux Pedi   1,800
Vinylux Mani/Pedi   3,000
Express Manicure   500
Express Pedicure   700
Mani & Pedi (Women)
65mins 2,200
Mani & Pedi (Men)
The “Manly” Manicure 30mins  1,100
Men's Pedicure
Spa Manicure 45mins 2,000
Spa Pedicure 60mins 2,500
The Power Pedicure 40mins 2,500

A soak off gel nail polish that applies like a polish but acts like a gel, leave with perfectly dry nails that can last up to 3 weeks. A non damaging treatment that protects your nails

Gelish Manicure
Full manicure plus gelish application
 35mins 3,000
Gelish Pedicure
pedicure plus gelish application
45mins 3,500
Gelish application only  20mins 2,500
Gelish removal (per set)   500
Gel removal
Acrylic Nails (per set)   4,000
Acrylic removal   1,200
In fill (per set)   3,000

Nail wraps
A choice of Minx, Trendy Nails, Kooky. Have fun with incredible prints, the wraps are heated and applied to the nail, they can last up to a month on your toes and a few days on your fingers

Nail Wraps (per set)   2,500
Nail Wraps (per nail)   400

 Add ons

French Application +500
Nail Art (per nail)
100 to 200
per stone +50
Vinylux Application (per set)